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G Mark News

Signal & Power Delivery Systems, Inc. (SPDS) is pleased to announce that we are the first in the industry to supply a complete offering of formally approved Gulf Mark or G Mark power cords.

Coiled Power Cord

SPDS (Signal and Power Delivery Systems) announces new in-house wire coiling capabilities enhancing quality control, reducing lead times and reducing manufacturing costs.

New Brazilian Standards

After decades of confusion and inconsistencies, the Brazilian government certification body, INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) has established a firm country-wide standard for power cord plug and receptacle specifications called NBR 14136.

C13 C14 Power Cords

SPDS has literally the smallest (lowest profile) C14 plug and C13 receptacle molds in the world. This allows easier installation in tight areas and offers better air flow in higher temperature or crowded environments

C19 C20 Power Cords

Available in 20A 250V, 16A 250V, 13A 250V or 10A 250V ratings, SPDS offers these cords for every country in the world with more country certifications that anyone.

Ultra Low Profile Power Cord Plug

SPDS (Signal and Power Delivery Systems) introduces new line of ultra low profile USA power cord plugs, an ideal solution for equipment installations where space is limited.

UL Approvals for EVE and EVJE Wire

SPDS is proud and excited to announce an even larger expansion of our ability to service customers with our latest UL approved EVE and EVJE power cord cable designed specifically for the electric vehicle (EV) marketplace. These new electric vehicle power cord cable products are UL approved and built to fully comply with and be compatible to:

Bringing wall outlets and USB receptacles closer to you

Our new extension cord not only has the convenience of bringing a power source to a desired location, but adds the feature of two Type A USB receptacles for additional electronic devices. And if that wasn?t enough, this extension cord also provides a locking mechanism for the two NEMA 5-15R receptacles to ensure a secure connection between the power cord extension receptacles and electronic devices in use.

Difference Between Cord Sets?

There are many differences in the construction and type and strength of the current that electrical outlets are made to manage in cords and outlets in North America and most of Europe.

Power Supply Cords Are Essential

It is hard to sometimes appreciate the complexity and density that comes with such a simple cord but we must take a moment to reflect on their importance.

Medical Power Cords

SPDS (Signal and Power Delivery Systems) introduces world's first line of low profile molded medical power cord plugs, an ideal solution for all medical and hospital installations where space is limited.

New OEM International Power Cord and Power Supply Cord Components

Signal and Power Delivery Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce official UL approval and certification for several new high-end power plugs for OEM power cords and power supply cords used in industries such as generators, power distribution products, commercial food service products like warmers and refrigeration, power transfer switches, home power panels and many industrial equipment products.

Charging Electric Vehicles at Home

an issue has arisen for those who seek the same electrical output of a public charger in the comfort of their own home. Charging stations outside the home have the added advantage of being able to use a higher voltage and draw at a higher amperage. What this results in, of course, is shorter charging times.

SOOW Cable Power Cord Wires

Find out the various thermoset and thermoplastic materials

Universal Power Cord Wire

Power cord and OEM device manufacturers typically stock a wide variety of power cords and bulk wire to meet the varying specifications for countries around the world. This takes up valuable warehouse space, requires significant staff knowledge, and is frequently the cause of confusion. The world?s first truly universal power cord wire offered by SPDS eliminates these issues.

SPDS Adds New Ultrasonic Welding Capabilities

SPDS's new ultrasonic welding capabilities demonstrate yet again our comprehensive commitment to quality as well the utilization of the latest and greatest techniques. As we continue to manufacture products for our customers, we run tests, keep complete documentation, and calibrate all of our equipment. We know that a product is only as good as the process used to create it, so we take great care to manufacture with very high standards.

SPDS offers a wide selection of power cords and plug adapters. We offer the finest of American engineering, quality and service combined with the best of Far East pricing and manufacturing capacity.